Gold and Diamond MacBook Pro Will Make You Apple Royalty

Computer Choppers, a company specializing in extra-expensive remakes of various gadgets, has once again adorned an Apple MacBook Pro with gold and diamonds.

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Fel082415d ago

That looks tacky as hell. I prefer my aluminum MBP

-Mezzo-2414d ago

Agreed, a while back this whole Gadgets in Gold really took off, everything was being turned into Gold or something fancy.

But i think it's cooling off now as i rarely see a news like this.

TABSF2414d ago

And I thought the standard Apple design was bad.

cheetorb2414d ago

"A fool and his (or hers) money are soon departed"

fatstarr2414d ago

wow for that low low price I might as well get the phone and the touch and the pod and the ipad 1 +2 and give it the same treatment. is that 1million dollars yet?