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Kindle Fire vs. NOOK Color review: which eBook tablet holds the crown?

The question is simple: at this moment, if you search your packets and have around $250 and a vivid desire of content consumption that includes movies, TV shows, eBooks and games, which tablet should you chose to buy?

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-Mezzo-2449d ago

As i expected, Kindle Fire beats Nook in every way. But i think it's not fair to Compare a months old Tablet to a yet to be Released Tablet.

Agent_00_Revan2449d ago

This was always what I wouldve compared the Fire to. I never got why people were comparing it to the ipad. I have a nook now that is all modded out running full Android and have been looking for a good inexpensive upgrade. The Nook only has an 800mhz processor. And while it does pretty good on its own, it sometimes lags with videos and other heavy apps.

The Fire seemed like the perfect upgrade, until I found out it wasnt going to have an SD card port. So bummed.

AlexMyDG2449d ago

That's almost correct Mezzo. The only point to this whole "dilemma" is that there are no other competitors in the same weight-category and the NOOK Color is a very reliable choice if you choose to root, as Todd says in a comment.

Spenok2449d ago

I prefer the nook honestly. The Kindle Fire is a nice little tablet, and obviously better then the nook (as it should be since its newer and yet to be released). There's just something about Nook that I like more. Maybe because I like BN so much lol.