Samsung and Google delay Launch Event; pay respects to Steve Job’s passing

Google and Samsung has officially confirmed that they have pushed back the launch of their new product(s), to pay their respects for the recent passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

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Madusha2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I'm really not sure if they did in order to pay respects to Steve.

Good decision though. Why? Because the iPhone 4S is selling like crazy right now at about to break records. Introducing a competing product at this time is just retarded.

So a good marketing decisions than anything else. "Something Big" needs to wait.

Speed-Racer2357d ago

Indeed, I'm surprised they launched it so close to the Apple event in the first place. Even if Steve didn't die... they should have separated it a bit more.

RonyDean2357d ago

Are they trying to tell us their new phone sucks and needs more time? iPhone 4s FTW?

Kinda sucks, was looking forward to an Ice Cream Sandwich...

TheEatingVodka2356d ago

Are you guys kidding me? Why would Samsung be afraid from the iPhone 4S if the galaxy s2 is already stronger than it..

They just want to pay respect to the man that inspired them all and I think it's perfectly fine.

denero12356d ago

Exactly its like with games battlefield 3 is suppose to be better then mw3 but we know mw3 will sale no matter what -_-

Speed-Racer2356d ago

Well that's arguable to an extent but your point still stands.

MacT2355d ago

Talk about irony. Apple's own product iPhone 4s is up for pre-order as planned. No changes there due to Job's passing away.