Steve Jobs’s Secret Legacy: Dying Apple Boss Left Plans for Four Years of new Products

Despite knowing he was dying, Steve Jobs worked for more than a year on the products that he believed would safeguard the company's future.

It was also revealed today that Jobs fought hard to get plans approved for a spaceship-style company headquarters in California.

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norman292391d ago

Four years of plans? sooo thats the iPhone 5 to 19 confirmed, iPad 3 to 7 confirmed and a new apple TV...../s

--Onilink--2391d ago

funny how people like you complain about that but dont really complain that basically EVERY single company keeps releasing new versions of their phones every year. Or think apple has only ever done simple upgrades from one product to the other without realizing the type of impact that 1st product they release has on their respective market, they may not be the 1st to release something, but you could be that when decide to launch a new product, its gonna set the standard that makes everything else much better

mcstorm2391d ago

It will be intresting to see what happens with apple now jobs is no longer around. Look at ms since bill left its taken ballmer along time to get them back into the game with good products and i have a feeling the same will happen to apple come the next 24 months.

But weather you like apple or not you have to take your hats off to jobs for wbat he did with the company both times he was in charge of them.

NovusTerminus2391d ago

I'm neutral on Apple, would like them more if they didn't charge so much and had replaceable batteries. But they do have solid devices.

And R.I.P to Steve Jobs. He did great work.

mcstorm2391d ago

I do agree with you that is my biggest complete about apple is the price and limits of all there devices. But what jobs did with a dieing company was amazing.

fatstarr2391d ago

seems smart Im expecting some gundam 00 stuff and some secrets he had planned to start occurring.

even tho i hate apple RIP to one of the mainstream computer industries founders.

maverick11912391d ago

very smart man making sure he has plans in place for new products

RIP Jobs great leader brought alot to the computing world

Chnswdchldrn2391d ago

cool 4 more years of crap from the grave