Top 5 Android handsets that are (arguably) better than the iPhone 4S

Android already has a robust speech recognition program built into its handsets in the form of Google Voice, already has a notifications bar (which has been there since Android time began), and already has all those other fancy 'innovative' iOS 5 features.

Which just leaves the 4S hardware itself. Can I find five Android phones that better it in some way? Of course I can.

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Corepred42389d ago

Another article that solidifies the Iphone's dominance. Having to compare numerous phone to the frontrunner.

Speed-Racer2389d ago

You misspelled misspelled.

Speed-Racer2389d ago

Nexus Prime will blow the 4S out of the water.

outwar60102389d ago

I cannot wait for that phone! any idea when it's coming to the uk?