No NFC for iPhone 4S - a dealbreaker for you?

iPhuture writes: Apple didn't exactly stun the world with the iPhone 4S, but it is an improvement over the iPhone 0 - however we must admit we were shocked to see that there was no NFC, we wonder if this could be a decision Apple will live to regret.

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Speed-Racer2451d ago

I dont think it would be a huge deal breaker yet. The service still has to catch on, but I believe it's possible among the more tech savvy kinds to maybe avoid it, given that they are level headed and not part of the mac cult.

iphuture2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Apple could have added an NFC chip just-in-case the tech takes off - perhaps that would have been a wiser decision.

This could have been disabled until Apple decided otherwise