Google's Management don't use Google+

Mark Zuckerberg uses facebook on a daily basis, as does twitter CEO Dick Costolo, so why are we seeing an extremely low amount of activity from the people behind google?

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Speed-Racer2449d ago

Your entire site is flash based?... talk about inefficient.

sjtechblog2449d ago

have you had trouble viewing the site. it runs great on all systems we have tried it on

Speed-Racer2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I'd recommend switching to a better CMS immediately. The moment you start to get some traffic, your bandwidth will go through the roof. Also on slower systems, it really is heavy by itself and causes the Flash app to crash. If you hate your viewers, keep on using flash.

Mc Fadge2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Well, it repeatedly caused Firefox to crash, and my system isn't exactly slow. So yeah, take Racer's advice.

Noctis Aftermath2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Yeah you might want to take up racers recommandation, i don't know much about website design but i just had firefox go non responsive when i tried to view your site.
Managed to close the tab and everything was back to normal.

In case your interested: i run firefox 6.02
windows 7 64 bit home
AMD phenom II x 4 955 CPU
4gb DDR3 ram
AMD 6850 1gb GPU (latest drivers)

When i tried opening your page i only had firefox running.

Tried a few more times, happens everytime.

Bolts2449d ago

This website is fail. My Firefox 7 froze and I had to manually close the browser in task manager to get out.

Heartnet2443d ago

everyones complaing bout site hehe worked fine and seemless to me :) Running Opera Browser :)

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sjtechblog2449d ago

Thanks for the tip, i have just created this site so will stick with it for a while. When i start to get some more viewers, i will change to a more stable site. At the moment i'm not getting too many viewers hah.

Speed-Racer2449d ago

If you're planning to do it at least for the long run, switch to something scalable like Wordpress... works good for both small and large applications.

ngecenk2448d ago

fyi my chrome cant render it. dunno why. ran on osx

whitesky2449d ago

sjtechblog you can download a free copy of wordpress and install it in merely 5 mins with beginner knowledge.

As for looks, there's thousands of free clean white business/blog looking themes you can install in minutes at most.

Then simply copy/paste text from your Flash site.. full Flash for a blog site should be fixed immediately.

Speed-Racer2449d ago

sjtechblog - there are a lot of cheap shared hosts with a good rep such as bluehost, hostgator, and so on where you can get a Wordpress blog up and running in just a few minutes. Also as whitesky mentioned, there are a lot of hot and free whitelist templates available. start there. sorry i had to call you out, but best you learn now than when it gets big and you have migration issues.

sjtechblog2448d ago

Thats fine haha, glad i know now! I have been having some trouble installing wordpress, will have a go with it tonight. Like you said, its best i learnt this now. Still can't work out what the matter is though, i have tried it on xp and windows 7, in different locations and on firefox and chrome and it seems to be fine. But will look into wordpress tonight

Captain Tuttle2448d ago

Hmmm, I thought all of these comments would be about the Google story. lol

NuclearDuke2448d ago

I don't know what you guys are on about, but the site runs fluently for me with Google Chrome.

PC Specs:
AMD Semprom 3400 1.8ghz
960mb ram
Windows XP.

The site is simplistic and easy to navigate within, Firefox is just a mess lately. Since Version 6 bugs has appeared all over and it crashes constantly.

Speed-Racer2448d ago

Works well on Chrome for me, crashes Firefox. Nonetheless, Flash is not the best solution. It will blow his server bandwidth so much faster than an HTML page.