New Apple iPhone fails to wow investors, fans

Yahoo - Apple Inc's newest iPhone left Wall Street and fans wishing for more than a souped-up version of last year's device, igniting a rare storm of criticism and disappointment on the Internet.

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-Mezzo-2419d ago

Well people can only take So Much.

Speed-Racer2419d ago

I can't blame them. Apple is a dead company now. I think now that the marketing aspect is gone (i.e. Steve Jobs), we really see what an average product it is. This thing of making hype over super incremental updates won't cut it anymore.

Bolts2418d ago

So the "new" iPhone 4S only feature is to match the tech offerings of the current gen of droids.

Jesus. What is the damn point?

contra1572417d ago

Im not disappointed at all , love the design im glad its still here. people nowadays want a new design every 8months ridiculous, should be every 2-3 yrs. what was more concerning for me was having dual A5s,bluetooth 4.0,Duel PowerVR SGX543MP. thanks Apple ! cant wait to finally pick mine up this winter :)