iPhone 4S heavier than iPhone 4 – embarrassing for Apple?

iPhuture writes: The iPhone 4S is heavier than the iPhone 4 and no thinner, does this show that the iPhone 4 was ahead of its time, or perhaps the iPhone 4S is not as innovative as we would have hoped? We are sure there will be a difference of opinion - so let us know....

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Buff10441845d ago

It's all about software and performance for me. Both of which seem to be amazing.

gaffyh1845d ago

How is it embarrassing? It's 3 grams heavier, and it has better specs, that's amazing tbh.

contra1571844d ago

this article is embarrassing. 3 grams relax

ngecenk1844d ago

holy crap an article for 3 grams? my bag of marijuana is heavier than that!

Shackdaddy8361844d ago

It's about twice as good as the iphone 4 and only adds 3 grams of weight (you can't even feel 3 grams). Relax