Apple officially announces iPhone 4S

Apple has officially confirmed the iPhone 4S at its “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

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RonyDean2393d ago

Not fully what I think people were wanting, but it does sound pretty great!

Shackdaddy8362393d ago

I'm getting one. I haven't had a new phone for 8 years. This will be my first smart phone :)

mcstorm2393d ago

Shackdaddy836 before you jump the gun to a apple device have aplay woth a android and windpws phone 7 device you may just change your minf.

GearsOfWar2393d ago

I recommend a Windows Phone 7 device. The Mango update just released.

Shackdaddy8362393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I really don't like the look of the UI for either. They both really bother me for some reason.

You can flame me all you want, but why bother buying something if you hate the way it looks every time you turn it on?

Good for anyone who buy an android/wp7 though. I support people who don't support apple (I personally hate them as a company). But for me, Android and WP7 is just not my cup of tea.

milohighclub2393d ago

Don't get a Windows phone, they are absolutely rubbish! They are plagued with faults!

Shadow Flare2393d ago

lol @ everyone disagreein with shackdaddy for getting the new phone. So much hate for apple. I find it so pathetic how many people have such a deepfound vendetta against apple. Who cares. They make excellent phones. Leave it at that

Anarki2393d ago

This thing is turning into an Android phone. The godamn notification area is exactly the same :s

GearsOfWar2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


Oh, really? Name one fault.

I'm sick of people judging Windows Phones without even using them. You can say you've used one all damn day, but in the end, if you can claim "They are plagued with faults!", you haven't used one.

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GMWPS32393d ago

It has some neat features and I'm happy they didn't launch the iPhone 5. I mean they just launched the iPhone 4 last year!! I had the iPhone 1 (or original) till the iPhone 4 came along with it's faster speed and super clear screen.

Now I'm eyeing the iPhone 5 if it has a bigger screen. The iPad 2 spoilt me on the screen size bit though I wish the next one has the same high res screen as the iPhone 4.

The one surprising think on some of the comments is how someone wants to stick to the 3GS. I mean have they seen the vast improvement of resolution and clarity of the screen on the iPhone 4 ?? let alone 4GS?

I really look forward to iOS5! Hopefully also Siri voice control will be available as an update in the future for the iPhone 4. I can live without the better camera for now.

Speed-Racer2393d ago

I am impressed on one level, but I thought this is what they should have delivered when they announced the first iPhone 4.

Strange_Evil2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I have an iPhone 4 and love it, but even I was left disappointed with what they showed. Siri Assistant demonstration was the only thing that blew me away in the conference. How Apple can not release a phone with at least a few changes in the looks (thinner and bigger screen) is beyond me!! This was the prime company to boast about thinness and great looks and now it's again regurgitating the same thing from 16 months back. With the 3GS, Apple was dominant, but at this point of time, I doubt they could risk not launching the iPhone 5 (in fact, Apple stocks just fell 3% as we speak).

I thought this was the best time for Cook to reiterate to it's stake holder that Apple still is the most dominant force (which it still is), but still I can only see this garnering negative attention from the media and people.

On a Software point, I am impressed. iOS5 is looking to be perfect and can easily be the most intuitive experience out there, but from a hardware stand point, no bigger screen = no buy... I'll wait for the 'true iPhone 5' or Prime coming soon...

gaffyh2393d ago

I might actually upgrade from my old 3G now. The specs on this phone are amazing, and importantly, it actually has a decent camera for once, which is what I've been needing for years.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2393d ago

Im in the same boat, my 3G is chugging along now. My wife has the 5 and the screen clarity and the speed that everything loads up on it is awesome. The fact that they are saying that this will be faster than the 4 and will allow the wireless syncing and the ability to remote view on the tv (wii u) I think I will bite.

I wanted to wait hoping that this would be the 5 and get us a bigger screen but I am gonna snatch one even without the bigger screen it will still catch you the best pic/vid views.

-Mezzo-2393d ago

I honestly believe that if you have an iPhone 4, there is no need to upgrade.

But that's just me, Millions of people will probably upgrade.

PirosThe4th2393d ago

No need to upgrade??? It' a dualcore iphone 4 really. its not like with the 3gs whuch was exactly the same as the 3g but wih more are and a bit faster processor speed.This one probably gonna be twice as fast. I moved on from apple but they took way too long to finally release a dualcore phone. Probably by the end of this year we will see new 4 core phones hitting the android. They should have announced this on june but the kept on milking the iPhone4. Sad...

f7897902393d ago

What's the point of all the power if it obliterates your battery? With phone games being simple quick things, there isn't a point in having good graphics hence no need for power.

yezz2393d ago

not going to upgrade.. camon theres hardly any new things :S they are saving the 4inch screen for iphone 5, i see..

-Mezzo-2393d ago

Well apart from the Processor.

Garrison2393d ago

I for one am upgrading for sure. It's a great phone and I am currently a 3gs user who honestly didn't see much reason to upgrade to the iphone 4 when it came out. Now I do.
If I was an iphone 4 user I most likely would not upgrade but being a 3gs user then yeah its a great upgrade for ya.
I think this is a great addition to the iphone products and in my opinion it makes the iphone still on top of the game.

I wonder thou what is it exactly that people want in the iphone 5 that this phone doesn't have? This thing almost has everything you could want to perfection really. Bigger screen? Really?? If apple added all this an a bigger screen people would still bitch about not changing enough things and slapping a 5 on it.
I guess some people bitch about apple but they can't wait for apple to do just some form factor change just so they could walk around to show off their new gadget rather than actually use the thing!!!

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