6 Reasons Amazon Will Acquire Netflix

Wall Street Cheat Sheet writes:
The bifurcation of Netflix’s business into two separate websites, with no integration and separate billing, led us to consider whether there may have been some rational reason for the split. Given the wild unpopularity of the move, it appeared to us to make no sense at all; upon reflection, we think that Netflix management may have implemented the split up in order to sell the streaming business to Amazon .

There are six primary reasons why the Netflix streaming business makes sense for Amazon

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gogospeedracer2395d ago

That would be a killer move on Amazon's behalf.

twora2394d ago

It may be for the better for netflix users, if the prices dont raise so much, amazon discounts or other bonuses would be great. But Netflix has raised so much this year already, compared to what it was. I wonder how long it will take for changes to take if the deal is made.