iPhone 4S: Is Apple Making A Mistake?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): For months, Apple fans have impatiently awaited the company's official iPhone 5 announcement.

Turns out, they may have to keep waiting.

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Gondee2455d ago

No, every time they come out with a new revision of their iPhone its miles and miles ahead of the competition. Competitors are just now catching up to the iPhone 4, and in some respects still are not there. The mixture of hardware and software is unrivaled.

Its not realistic to think they could innovate yearly.

Shackdaddy8362454d ago

That's...not right...

I may be a fan of apple products, but at least I can see that there are things out there with better hardware capabilities than iPhones and macs...

Gondee2454d ago

The hardware doesn't matter that much. The iPhone 3GS still "feels" snappier than all dual core 2.2-3.0 android phones. We know its because Androids UI isn't hardware accelerated, but the reason doesn't really mater. You can talk tech specs all you want, but in the end it comes down to the user experience.
Not everyone has the 4G so, its not like it isn't worth an upgrade. (Contracts are 2 years in length)

Im not an apple fan boy, i don't even use an iPhone. lol, just my experience.

caseh2454d ago


What you been smoking? Galaxy S2 surpassed the iPhone the day it was released, MONTHS ago.

On top of that the current iOS isn't exactly holding up well, iOS 5 announcements show a bunch of new things that Android already has available. The updates will only benefit those who are blinded by Apple products, the rest of us have had that functionality for a while.

Oh and could you define 'snappier'?

-Mezzo-2455d ago

Well to me they are, but they have made plenty of mistakes in the past and have got away with it.

ChrisW2454d ago

Meh... I'm dumping my 3GS for one anyway.

Nephesh2454d ago

It's a must have ONLY if you don't allready have a iPhone 4. Otherwise wait for a REAL upgrade. Sorry Apple, you messed up big with this release!

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The story is too old to be commented.