Why Can't I Use My Mobile Phone on the Subway?

This week the New York subway entered the high tech era, allowing mobile phones to be used underground... in 4 of the 277 stations anyway. The London Underground is still nowhere near getting to this point though. Why are two of the world's biggest cities so behind the times?

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gaffyh2424d ago

So you physically can't use a phone on the subway? I thought it was just against the rules or something. It's probably a good thing, because it is quite annoying sometimes when people are on the phone. Now if only we could stop people from using their other phone features on the train i.e. music player, because guess what, nobody wants to listen to your crappy music through the phone speaker! Also, have these people never heard of headphones!!!

Strongfist362424d ago

No way. Do you know how many people get robbed on the train?