All-Electric Tesla Model S Alpha does 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds

BMW and Mercedes have something electrifying to worry about, after Tesla announced a sportier version of its Model S that is expected to go from 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds.

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Speed-Racer2454d ago

Anyone want to lend me $50,000 for one of these?

Sierra1172454d ago

That is really impressive. I hope the battery recharge times are realistic. Though I prefer the roar of a petrol engine, this should sound equally good like a jet.

aaaaaaaaa2451d ago

"I hope the battery recharge times are realistic" tha article says under 1 hour

I like the fact it can get 320mpc

Sierra1172450d ago

That's exactly what I meant. The article says that. Companies say loads of times. That's why I said "realistic". Users need to actually experience it and provide feedback.

Omega Zues2453d ago

Tesla, while I do support any company making electric cars that are actually decent in performance and quality. Tesla has a long history of large claims and several difficulties.

However, I still have my fingers crossed and we'll see what will happen. but that 50k price point...errr yeah. Doesnt that defeat the whole purpose of owning an electric car, To beat the gas prices?

Speed-Racer2453d ago

More to beat the dependency on gas and to protect the environment imo.