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Gigaom: Does the world need another mobile OS?

Gigaom: The race in mobile has defaulted to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from thinking about open sourcing Bada, or Microsoft from pushing ahead with Windows Phone 7 and a partnership with Nokia. So while Meego, Symbian and webOS have hit the rocks, there’s still plenty of competition gunning for the chance to fight it out with Apple and Google.

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-Mezzo-2457d ago

No, there is no need for another Mobile OS, There isn't need for the "Windows Phone 7", I think Android & iOS is enough.

snoop_dizzle2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I can see WP7 having a lot of appeal in professional and corporate world, and I'm starting to see more WP7 handsets (even thought Microsoft hasn't marketed WP7 that well. It is a solid OS, though). Especially because its integration into other Microsoft services, and BlackBerryOS becoming less dominant. But beyond those 3, I don't think we really need another OS, unless it's just made for lower end phones.