Amazon Kindle Fire is hot according to social media

Gigaom: In the months leading up to the press conference earlier this week, speculation about the prospects for Amazon’s new tablet reached a crescendo. Would the new tablet be a worthy competitor? Might it even dethrone the iPad?

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-Mezzo-2396d ago

I expected this, like i said in the other story, $200 price can't be ignored, everyone looking for a Tablet will consider it at least once.

It's a Tablet, cheaper then a Cellphone.

gaffyh2396d ago

Wow, just checked the specs on Wikipedia. I honestly thought this was just a new version of the normal Kindle, i.e. just an ebook reader, but it's actually a proper tablet?!

The specs are amazing for the price, but Apple probably won't reduce price.

khamvongsa092396d ago

I'm actually considering this.. I want a tablet and an ereader would be pretty nice..

Shackdaddy8362396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Same with me. This is the perfect price for my type of budget...

And I could really care less if it didn't have a camera or 3G.

gogospeedracer2395d ago

Amazon is great and I am sure their tablet will be as well.

CptFlashHeart2395d ago

This is gonna fail like mad in the UK if they release it. The only two Amazon services here are mp3 downloads and Kindle books. We have no movies or games at all rendering this pretty useless if they don't bring the services here at the same time.

Although in fairness, there's not even a UK release date anyway so not gonna hold my breath.

I'm just waiting on the next iPad iteration..

CptFlashHeart2395d ago

And reading elsewhere - no UK release. Smart move.