Sony 3D Display hits November 2nd

Hardcore gamers should start saving up their bucks, because Sony’s new 24-inch 3D HD display will hit the market November 2nd.

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gaffyh2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

They should have released this when they announced it at E3. Cos back then, it was way more worth buying. I think now, people are expecting 3D to be a fad and vanish again.

Vames2331d ago

I have to disagree with you there. Movie goers are choosing to watch any particular 3D movie over its 3D less counterpart. Another thing, this cost$500+ dollars, it's the ultimate deal and many consumers will eat it up especially during the holidays.

gogospeedracer2331d ago

Actually movie goers aren't choosing 3D over their 2d counterparts. 3D has been on decline for months now and the amount of money it has been bringing in is much LOWER!

RBdrift2331d ago

i have mine pre ordered plus i always tend to go the 3D way if studios actually put the time in making the movies in proper 3D.

Vames2331d ago

Maybe in the united states, but not other parts of the world.