The Dark Side of the Amazon Kindle Fire: Privacy Issues

Padvance senior editor Raymond Padilla discusses potential privacy issues of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon already has tons of information on what its customers buy and like. The Kindle Fire is another way to extract better information for better target marketing. The Silk web browser, which processes a lot of information on the server side, is a new way to get more customer data. It looks like Facebook and Google have nothing compared to Amazon's info and its direct line to consumer wallets.

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spall032398d ago

yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Padvance2397d ago

The dark side of Fire: Lady Gaga album art.

Sahil2397d ago

The image makes you not wanna read the whole article, SCARY.

-Mezzo-2397d ago

Well isn't the Privacy an issue with almost everything.

rpad2395d ago

It depends on the user. Some people are uncomfortable with the way that Amazon, Facebook, and Google collect information. Some people are fine with it. Most people are unaware.