For a fun time (and a fake girlfriend), text this number

Maybe you're lonely, maybe you're tired of being teased over your single status, or maybe you're just a bit odd — there are plenty of almost reasonable sounding excuses to get a fake girlfriend. And thanks to a new service, it's now easier than ever.

This service is called — no, there really isn't supposed to be an "m" after the "co" — and it'll provide you with a fake girlfriend who'll send text messages and even call you.

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Sahil2429d ago

this is stupid. am finished reading it.. and am still not done with LMAO.

Syko2429d ago

Not really much to say about this other than the fallout when you get caught is not worth the possible early upside. The ridicule will clearly double after finding out you used this service lol.

Speed-Racer2428d ago

This isn't the first service like it either

-Mezzo-2428d ago

YUP, this isn't the first service of it's kind, but it seems that there's a huge audience for these type of services.