How to find a good digital camera

Lans from TecStories writes: With a very limited budget of R3000 or about $350. I set out to find the best camera for my budget. Getting a digital camera these days is not as easy as I thought, for one. There are a myriad of new special features on all the camera's and after travelling from one shop to the next and doing some research online I decided to write a story on what are the key factors you need to consider when buying a digital camera in 2011.

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Sahil2453d ago

Simple, ask a person with good camera skills or knowledge.

-Mezzo-2453d ago


I personally am against the idea that "Expensive = Better" but when it comes to camera's this is actually right.

Dovahkiin2452d ago

Which is a shame, there is some great entry level DSLRs around at the moment though.