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Chrome set to knock Firefox to 3rd place

According to a new report, Chrome is set to overtake Firefox for the number two market share spot by the end of the this year.

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Sierra1172396d ago

Sad to see it getting heavier. I personally didn't like it when Firefox 4 came out. So I reverted back to 3 and I'm happy with it. Hope they fix the problems.

gaffyh2395d ago

Chrome is my favourite browser now, it had a few teething problems earlier on, but now it is almost perfect imo. Just needs more (and better) plugin support, but I can make do with just having adblock.

Speed-Racer2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Yea the plugin market is the biggest thing. have you been having issues with adblock though? I realized my system froze a couple times last night because of a faulty filter in ABP... Disabled it till they update easylist.

Vames2395d ago

You should use the other adblock because ABP load adverts before blocking them.

Speed-Racer2395d ago

Well the thing is, it's a bit selfish if you hide ads all together. As a webmaster yourself, you know that less ads means less revenue to support your site. Sure you blog with your heart, but that doesn't pay the server bills. So ABP does help you get some revenue from CPM ads, but still hides it from users. It's not the most justifiable thing, but I guess it suffices.

gaffyh2395d ago

Maybe you can change the filter in the options?

fatstarr2395d ago

its sad to say but i cant get over firefox 3. what ever version i am on. i love my ad ons that google chrome just cant compare with. I use every browser but as they say fire fox is my main b*tch and chrome is my mistress lol

fatstarr2394d ago

on all my other comps im up todate but i have massive bookmarks and things i just like. too scared to change.

Brawler2395d ago

firefox has gotton away from being bloaty and chrome is heading in that direction

DeFFeR2395d ago

I don't need lifehacker to perform tests when I can compare them myself...

For what I do, chrome works - give me a link that proves that it doesn't work perfectly for me.

I will never understand this argument (nor the console argument...) about market share... if you like it, use it. If you DON'T like it, find something better.

(P.S. - these browsers are FREE...)

Corepred42395d ago

That picture is too great! lmao

Sahil2395d ago

at first I din't notice they wre browser kids, thanks to your comment.. haha

Shackdaddy8362395d ago

Never really liked firefox TBH. It had way too much on it and I absolutely hated the download system where it opens up a new window. Chrome is much better for me...

Sahil2395d ago

that's one of the reasons why I like chrome more than the other browsers, the downloads open in another tab not in a separate window and the cookie clearance thing is so fast in chrome. Don't care bout the rankings as long as it's got everything I need.

Speed-Racer2395d ago

But you can drag it into a separate window. I like that just in case I accidentally close the main widnow.

Aomizuchi2395d ago

You can actually do this with Firefox as well, it's an option in the preferences. I'm using Firefox 6, but it's not a new feature.

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