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Amazon Kindle Fire: Thoughts, Analysis, and Concerns

Raymond Padilla from Padvance writes:

Now that the dust has settled on Amazon’s Kindle Fire announcement, I wanted to share some deeper thoughts, musings, and analysis on this Android-powered tablet-PC. There are definitely lots of reasons to be excited about the Kindle Fire, but there are also some fairly large concerns, particularly for tech enthusiasts. In no particular order, let’s break down what’s awesome and what’s worrisome about the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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spall032395d ago

Great post! I'm personally excited about the Silk browser, although I do have privacy concerns about Amazon pre-processing everything I do on the web...

Cutter202395d ago

The low price seems to be the biggest advantage this tablet has, but I'm disappointed by the lack of important apps like Netflix.

rpad2395d ago

I would be surprised if Amazon allowed Netflix onto its app store. I'd love to be wrong about that and it would be cool to see Amazon let competitors in, but I don't see it happening.

spall032395d ago

Right, especially because they're going to be pushing Prime for free video streaming

mrthedge2395d ago

I like how streamlined the Fire is. It's the one non-iPad tablet that seems to have been made with a vision beyond "iPad competitor".

Sahil2395d ago

Yeah, they have gone to produce a different kind of tablet among all the others that have been in the market and bitten the dust.

yichen2395d ago

I think the Kindle Fire could be the iPad killer for those who are looking for something more affordable and have more functions than a Kindle.

Sahil2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

the fire could really give the iPad some intense competition due to the price factor, win-win for us.

yichen2392d ago

Let's hope there would be a price drop for the iPad 3 ;)

Josh112395d ago

The 2 biggest issues for me are the lack of 3G and local storage space, if they had a slightly more expensive version with these 2 things I'd be interested.
(The fact it's US only prevents me from getting one anyway but still).

Sahil2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Not so concerned about storage but they shud've had 3G, atleast.