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Is There Really a Need for Girly Phones?

Bright Hub: You know how phones just look too butch? Nope, me either, but apparently HTC think there's a gap in the market for girly phones. Ladies and gentleman meet the HTC Rhyme complete with matching accessories. Just in time too, phones are far too gender neutral - sigh.

There aren't specific phones just for boys, or specific toothbrushes to cater for the different sexes, so why do we need a special girly phone?

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gaffyh2460d ago

There probably isn't a need for phones that are specifically made for women, but it is a fact that devices that are pink will sell to girls. So it does work, which is why the manufacturers make them e.g. DS and PSP as well as Motorola's RAZR which was typically seen as a guy's phone, but when it was released in pink it sold very well.

Sahil2460d ago

I don't think girls go for features, they go for looks, they go for pink.

Speed-Racer2460d ago

Skin cases = end of story

Prophet-Gamer2460d ago

Agreed, I mean why not just include a pink skin case in the phone package instead? But like gaffyh said, girls do like pink thinks, haha.

Crazay2460d ago

They need skins for guys...Pics of boobs and all the good things we like.

Sahil2460d ago

Yes, if you are a girl. :)

Speed-Racer2460d ago

I'm really fed up of the rubbish articles on Bright Hub these days.

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