Amazon's Kindle Fire: Oh No They Didn't

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Well, Apple's October 4 press event just became even more interesting.

That's when the folks in Cupertino plan to reveal the next, and rumored, iPhone 5, but if they're smart, the corporate suits will also address the iPad and iPad 2.

More specifically, what now?

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Prophet-Gamer2456d ago

I've been looking up this new Kindle Fire, trying to learn about and Wow, let me tell you I was wrong. It's gonna give Apple a run for it's money no doubt. The price point is just perfect imo. Hell, maybe it'll force Apple to drop the price of the iPad.

beast242tru2456d ago

no cameras no mic it better have some usb 2.0 ports but overall it will sell good its a known brand and its cheap but i can see apple produceing a cheaper ipad

Myst2456d ago

After buying my Kindle 3rd Generation I was kind of upset to see it this morning but honestly I should have known it was coming. Eh I don't know I've gotten so used to using the keyboard and prefer keyboards over touch ones. Not that big of a touch screen fan either thanks to my phone and some other things. Though I will admit it looks pretty nice.