The new iPhone 5 – will you buy it ‘blindly’?

Which? Conversation: Our survey found one in five iPhone users intend to buy the iPhone 5 – even though they haven’t seen it yet. Is this blind devotion wise? Or are we being brainwashed by brilliant marketing and Apple’s ‘cool’ factor?

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Prophet-Gamer2636d ago

Of course not. I still have a first gen iTouch. I just bout an iPad 2 and don't plan on upgrading till the iPAD 6 or so.

norman292636d ago

not upgrading till the iPad 6? so next summer then?

Prophet-Gamer2636d ago

lol, that actually cracked up. Good one.

Shackdaddy8362635d ago

I'm the same way. I'm only getting the iphone 5 because I have an 8 year old ipod ready to break and a 9 year old phone held together with scotch tape.

Prophet-Gamer2634d ago

Damn dude, 9 year old phone? Props to you for keeping it alive that long.

twora2636d ago

Whats with all the Apple products being cool hate. They're on top because when they release something it sets the new standard again and again.

RBdrift2636d ago

what standard does did apply that android phones didn't do first? I hope you dont think facetime was invented by apple.

colonel1792636d ago

I don't know much, but ever since the iPhone came out, EVERY phone looks like it. I am pretty sure Android was looking completely different before the iPhone was announced, the same with Blackberry OS. ( I remember someone posted a story about that, I will look for the link) The same goes for the iPad, look at every other tablet and they look just like the iPad, even Kindle will look like one now.

Apple may not do much, and it leaves some features out to introduce them as the next best thing on the next iteration, but Apple it is doing something right because EVERYONE is playing catch up.

I for one, am expecting the iPhone 5 to come out since I am almost done with my contract and I want a new phone, and I've never had an iPhone. So for me is good news.

Captain Qwark 92636d ago


WRONG!!!! windows phone 7 looks nothing like iphone and with the mango update its a beast!

Shackdaddy8362635d ago

Everything that's popular is cool to hate on the internet.

RBdrift2636d ago

Those people are walking tools.

twora2636d ago

I think the ones that are tools are the ones that care so much they hate on people that buy Apple products solely because their droids aren't as "cool". Apple's sets the standard in how well it does everything whether it's something innovative or not.

Speed-Racer2636d ago

Only idiots buy something blindly... no matter the brand.

PirosThe4th2636d ago

yep... i only bought one apple device... and iphone 3gs.. then i went to android... i'll never look back

Prophet-Gamer2636d ago

Exactly, couldn't have said it better myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.