AnandTech: OCZ Z-Drive R4 CM88 (1.6TB PCIe SSD) Review

AnandTech: "In our last SandForce SSD roundup I talked about how undesirable the consumer SSD market is, at least for those companies who don't produce their own controllers and/or NAND. There's a downward trend in NAND and SSD pricing, which unfortunately squeezes drive manufacturers as they compete for marketshare. The shrinking margins in the consumer SSD space will ultimately drive companies out of the business, consolidating power in those companies who are fine operating with slim margins. There are other effects, such as insufficient validation testing that result from this price crunch.

Public companies are under an even greater pressure to maintain high profit margins. Investors don't care about good product, they care about good returns. What is a public SSD manufacturer like OCZ to do? Go after the enterprise market of course."

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Syko2458d ago

FTA: "Doing the math that works out to be anywhere between $9600 - $11200 for this single SSD."

I just kicked my jaw o_0

Prophet-Gamer2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Eh, that's pretty affordable :), haha, nah but seriously, that's just outrageous! I wonder how long it'll be before SSDs begin dropping in price.

How I wish I was rich :(