Facebook’s valuation sits at $82.25B based on private sales of stock

SocialBeat: "Facebook’s valuation has climbed significantly this year, settling at figures in excess of $80 billion just after the company’s developer conference, f8.

Shares of the company’s stock on SharesPost, a marketplace for stock of privately held companies, are currently being priced around $32. Overall, Facebook’s valuation (according to SharesPost prices) has fallen slightly from a peak of $87.5 billion."

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Syko2399d ago

Facebook's value is rising as fast as the US Government's is falling, lol

Prophet-Gamer2398d ago

imo, Facebook may be worth a lot today, but tomorrow it could be worth nothing. It's not a stable business as people could just move to some other popular site. We all remember what happened to Myspace and now, more and more sites are coming up to challenge facebook. Some of them are actually pretty good like Google Plus.