New Ethernet Standard in the Works Could Mean 100Gb/s Network Speeds for Everyone

Gadgehit writes: "IEEE today announced it has approved work on a new amendment to the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard. Led by the IEEE P802.3bj Task Force, this latest work will enhance the 100 Gb/s Ethernet physical layer capabilities defined in IEEE Std 802.3baTM-2010. The IEEE P802.3bj project aims to specify 100Gb/s operation over backplanes and short-reach copper cable assemblies to enable the development and delivery of lower-cost, higher-density 100Gb/s solutions."

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Speed-Racer2458d ago

It's good that they are pushing this type of technology but the big question is if ISPs are willing to work with it. Currently some offer top notch packages (in terms of speed) but have ridiculous capping restrictions, so I'm not really encouraged to go out and buy an expensive router that can't serve any use. Sure there are companies that put strain on their wifi routers but for the home user, I dunno.

gaffyh2458d ago

At the moment they're talking about normal internal networks, but internet at this speed probably is possible. For example, people in South Korea get 1Gb/s internet at a pretty cheap price fro what I've heard. And they've had it for years.

theonlylolking2458d ago

The gov needs to force these companies to provide this speed for the price they are charging now.

Progress in tech is what I say. If these companies are slowing tech down because of $$$ then force them to use the tech. Then they will try to find ways to make it cheaper thus improving technology even more.

justpassinggas2457d ago

I don't see how this can be viable unless one has a decent SSD. Storage devices are going to be the bottleneck, if network speed does take off. If you're using a regular hard disk, then on average, you'd get speeds of just over 100MB/s (800Mb/s), relatively less than the 1Gb/s that is in the works. And that is just for large, single, contiguous files. If you have a bunch of smaller files, HDDs and even SSDs are even slower.

And let's not even mention the write speed if you're transferring a file from one storage to another.

Speed-Racer2457d ago

Good points and also the speeds out the networks which you pull data from. It's like someone boasting their network has 4G capabilities but goes to a roaming country without it.

MrAwesome2458d ago

Does thid mean my 1Mb/s connection will be worthless?!?!?

oh wait, it already is...

Speed-Racer2458d ago

Sadly enough I only have a 4MB connection. I technically feel like I'm on dial up when everyone else is on broadband.

The Great Melon2457d ago

4MB isn't that bad, but I expect you meant to say 4Mb

denero12457d ago

yay usa charging outrageous prices but having lackluster performance :)

Cablephish2457d ago

Canada's on that bandwagon too. God damn Rogers and Bell.

uncharted562457d ago

tell me about it. rogers, telus and shaw. worst isps imo, wish we had other companies to give them competition.

Dogswithguns2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I hope so.. I have slow at&t and it ain't all that cheap for the slow internet. I used to have Comcast cable I canceled it, a little faster but they charged way too much.

SirBillyBones2457d ago

Slow internet is one of the main things holding back online multiplayer gaming. I cant wait for the day where everyone has a decent quality connection so we can enjoy relatively lag free gaming. Id love to be able to play against Americans etc without ping times ruining all the fun.

Its disgraceful that some unlucky people are forced to endure ridiculously slow speeds just because they live in a supposed broadband black spot. And ISP's get away with charging those unlucky people the same amount as people who use the same service but enjoy much faster speeds. Its a very unbalanced system.

/rant lol

Speed-Racer2457d ago

Sometimes it's not the slowness of the internet itself, but the ping between the servers/players or players/players. Usually if you have a decent connection with a very good ping (e.g. 50-80ms), games should run very well.... the problem is when some people ping at 240-300ms, it starts to look like a slide show.

SirBillyBones2456d ago

Yeah its very true.. thats why I said 'decent quality connection' :) Ping is the major factor in gaming, second to that would be upload speed. That leads onto the next issue which is matchmaking. Until everyone has decent quality internet across the board, matchmaking should mostly be locked to local searches. Someone from the UK being put against an American is always laggy, yet it happens constantly in most games.