Verizon Against Apple's Lawsuits Against Samung

GYGG: "While some of Samsung’s products come very close to resembling Apple’s products, Apple may be over extending their reach in a way that will prohibit the advancement of technology. Something that generates a great amount of sadness within myself. I guess if you can’t beat the competition, you sue them.

Good job Verizon. I hope other carriers jump on the bandwagon."

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Crazay2432d ago

It's shit like this that drives me crazy and justifies my utter hatred for Apple. They have this attitude that says "We're Apple - we can do whatever we want" and it pisses me off.

Do I think their iPad is a cool product? Hell yes and I don't deny that some of what they've done in recent years really helped to drive new innovation in the realm of Phone and handheld device technology but I won't be buying one. Instead I think I'll get a Samsung or Lenovo Tablet.