Facebook to charge for service? Not really

With Facebook’s announcement of its new Timeline profile, the rumors are once again making their round that users will soon have to pay for the service.

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gaffyh2429d ago

They'd never do this, it would DRAMATICALLY reduce their userbase, and what would happen is their competition would gain more users. Social networks that aren't free just don't work.

Speed-Racer2429d ago

I've seen people threatening to kill themselves if Facebook shut down, so it's expected.

gaffyh2428d ago

Wow, really? I don't really get why anyone would be that addicted to something, but I guess if there must be something mentally wrong with them if that's the case.

Sahil2428d ago

I think Facebook is aware how paid profiles could take away their business. What a hoax!

fatstarr2428d ago

I dont get why people even considered this to be true in the least.

all caps with misspellings from facebook and they want you to spread the word... smh people are just so stupid now a days.

Sahil2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I was like "why would they charge us, they already make billions" didn't believe it for a second

Crazay2428d ago

My buddies IDIOT wife posted the remark about the pay service on her FB account last night and I felt it very necessary to call her out on her idiocy. 2o minutes later she had the post removed and stated that someone hacked her account and that she didn't post it.....

What a dumbass.

Speed-Racer2428d ago


Crazay2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

No really - if you told her the sky was red, she'd probably believe it. She's literally that effing stupid. She's sent me spam messages about Hotmail and how MS is tracing the route of the message and paying out $1000s of dollars to participants....And other things too. She drives me crazy dude.

People like that make me sad for the human race - She's also procreated so here's hoping the kid takes after her father.

Speed-Racer2428d ago

Not doubting at all. Even the superstars these days blame hacking whenever their PCs or cellphones get compromised.

Don't worry dude, my mom also believes those chain letters... luckily she is not on FB haha.

Crazay2428d ago

I guess that's where I differ from most....I'm more than happy to tell people that I effed up my computer. My friends find it funny because I'm a Sys Admin and even I screw things up from time to time.

I usually just make light of it and call myself a dumbass.

fatstarr2428d ago

Best excuse for social networks lol but the being hacked excuse makes you look stupid as well