Apple Ditches Samsung For TSMC, Samsung Mourns $7Billion Per Year Loss

MobileTopSoft: "As expected, Samsung will no longer produce chips for Apple, this is likely to do with the with lawsuits both company have been throwing at each other for quite a while now. With Samsung out of the picture, Apple will soon rely on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company for future iPhone and iPad chipsets."

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gaffyh2403d ago

Ouch that's gotta hurt, but I can see why Apple wants to steer clear from Samsung, after all they are making devices which seem to look and act very similarly to theirs.

Shackdaddy8362402d ago

Shouldn't have pissed apple off samsung...

zag2402d ago

More the other way around.

Samsung make a huge chunk of the I product range.

Samsung are waiting to sue Apple for the chips they use for the 3G signal, so Apple's products will probably be banned and use a poor 3G chip.

Jihaad_cpt2402d ago

how dumb do you think Apple are?

Strange_Evil2402d ago

The patent which Samsung is trying to use against Apple will only bar iPhone sales from Korea... B4 that Apple will ban the sales of Samsung products from most major countries (as of now, it's already banned in many countries)...

I ain't taking sides, but as of now, it seems to be Samsung's loss not Apple's. 7 Billion is a HUGE amount. In fact, it's more than the revenue Samsung gets from selling their mobiles. So it's gonna pinch them hard.

Samk182402d ago


While $7 Billion is a lot of money Samsung is not stupid. If you look at all the upcoming products coming from Samsung they will make more than enough of that $7 they could have earn with Apple. People are just waiting for Samsung phones and products. Now they can use the parts and labor they were going to make for apple parts and put it into their own products. Its a win win for Samsung no matter what. They don't need apple

I bet once Samsung gets all of its products inline they will cut off Apple completely. Its not just the processor from Samsung that apple uses for its phone its many different parts. Like 20-30 percent of the parts in the iphone is made by samsung. Apple needs to watch who they are messing with.

Strange_Evil2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

@SamK18....A loss is a loss no matter how you try to spin it. Samsung products might sell huge, but covering a 7 Billion loss is no joke. For your reference, Samsung earned 1.35 Billion $ in Q1 2011 from it's Mobile phone market.


So if you count the yearly income coming to Samsung from their Telecom side, then too it would take a lot to just compensate the loss that this deal will do to them. Hell, their entire profit from Samsung Telecom in 2011 won't be as huge as 7 Billion $.

I ain't preaching for Apple or besmirching Samsung... I am just stating facts. Apple is not gonna be hurt 1 bit here. There is always a replacement on hand. And just to put your argument into picture, if only 20-30% of Apple product were made of Samsung parts, and that alone yielded 7 Billion to Samsung, then just imagine the profits Apple gains on them.

If Apple wants, it can establish a factory overnight and produce it's own chips and screens. The only reason Apple doesn't do it is cause there are viable options in the market ready to make anything they ask. Hell, who in their right mind would say no to 7 Billion revenue per year?

Samk182401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )


Your comparing two different things.
$1.3 billion your talking about is pure profit and thats for just Q1 2011. They made $9.9 billion revenue in Q1 2011.

$7 billion they can get from Apple is revenue and thats for a whole year. If you divide $7 billion in four quarters you get $1.75 billion in revenue. Im sure Samsung has that covered with 9.9 billion revenue in one quater alone. They are not worried about anything.

Apple is so afraid they have to resort to suing to stop sales of Samsung phones and tablets.

Shackdaddy8362401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Samsung lost $7bil a year. Apple can just use that money to research a new methods for 3G chips.

Believe me, Samsung lost out big time.

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Bathyj2402d ago

Yeah, what were they thinking making similar, but better products then them?

Of course it was going to piss Apple off.

ngecenk2402d ago

its not making similar but 'better' product that pissed them off, its the copying your client product that becomes the problem.

jerethdagryphon2402d ago

so black rectangles with minimal buttons and a rounded back are valid design patents, ok prior works can be found in sci fi from the 80s ipd prior work 1969.

there holo display patent 2009

apple patented a design thats to vauge and basic its wrong that its bveen alowed to be upheld

toaster2402d ago

Better is subjective. I personally dislike Samsung and feel that Apple is in the right here.

TheEatingVodka2402d ago

Good. I don't want Samsung to keep producing chips for this disgusting company

fatstarr2402d ago

I feel the same way they need to cut all ties. and keep all of their good chips, screens and tech to them selves and make a killer phone in the future.

Wizziokid2402d ago

fine by me, the galaxy s 2 is better than the iphone 4 anyway

noprin2402d ago

lol,how can you say galaxy 2 is better than iphone 4,did you even work with both of them??

Wizziokid2402d ago

because i've owned both phones maybe :)

Action GO FIGURE2402d ago

Galaxy SII 1080p video output>>>>Iphone4 720p video output
Galaxy SII 16gb/32gb+microsd slot>>>>Iphone4 16g/32gb


Listing all of Galaxy SII's specs would be an overkill.

Galaxy S vs. Iphone 4 would be a better comparison, though Galaxy S still wins... :p

Sahil2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Galaxy came long after the iphone4, so samsung knew what all they can do to make it better than the iPhone.

Galaxy S2 shud be actually compared to the iPhone5 or 4S.

and am out of bubbles :)

Action GO FIGURE2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Compare? Haha... 4S has only minor improvements and Iphone5's specs hasn't even been confirmed yet...

As of now, Galaxy SII is on a league of it's own...

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