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Download VLC Media Player For Android

hackSlurp writes-"VLC is by far one of the most widely used media players on computers. It is open-source and suggests that it can be tweaked to work with Android OS.

Now we have a pre-Alpha version of VLC player, which is fully working and will serve you well. You can now get your AVIs or MKVs or probably any video format out there to work with this beauty !"

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toaster2577d ago

Mobo player seems to work pretty well but I'll have to give VLC a spin. There was an iOS app and it worked really well.

altairahmad2577d ago

IMO nothing beats the good ol' VLC :D

no_more_heroes2576d ago

When all else fails, play it in VLC! If it still doesn't work, then you have a broken file, my friend.

fatstarr2576d ago

yes its the first thing I download on every computer that doesnt have it. how can you go wrong

jerethdagryphon2576d ago

exactly now will it run on my viewpad which runs an 1.66ghz atom chip
and android 1.6

or must i load the windows 7 os?

jerethdagryphon2576d ago

yes but i mean will it run on 1.6 or should i just run x86 vlc under win 7

Sahil2576d ago

i think just the 1.6 will do it.

Sahil2576d ago

how is this the most popular news on techspy.. lol

Sahil2576d ago

yeah, can't argue with that.

No player comes closer to the vlc player when it comes to watching videos on your pc.

fatstarr2576d ago

this is awesome you know how long i have been waiting for this. now i can put my anime collection on my phone and enjoy class :D glad my 32gb microsd came today.