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Google To Launch Cellular Network Service - Leaked Photos

hackslurp-"It has long been rumored that Google will enter in the cellular networking. Now these rumors start making sense with leaked photos of the SIM card and the screen shot of a test phone which is using the Google service."

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Sillyace922437d ago

Woah, that's kinda major.

I would definitely go to google if this is true

altairahmad2437d ago

Everyone trusts google....every one will go for is going to be a huge success for google !

altairahmad2437d ago

Imagine a company which has its own hand sets (motorola), own operating system which dominates worldwide (android) and its own cellular service worldwide !

Total domination ?

fear882436d ago

Google may be skynet but you gotta admit, they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Bull5hifT2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I Believe That If Google Takes Over the World , They'll be making soo much money off of Throwing Ads in Your Face Targeted at you to buy stuff , that will see $20 a month Unlimited Plans .... Only reason i Like Google and Apple is Cause Were from California.... And most Cali People i know are out for everybodys Interest, but when the illuminati and Major Corperations get in on businesses like this there out to screw People

ThatIrishGamer2436d ago

Well. . Google already photograph where we live.

They already broadcast that on the net for free.

Google already steal our wifi and personal data as they drive past our houses taking pictures.

Now they probably just want their own network so they can record our conversations with people.

Basically they won't be happy until they know everything about us.

altairahmad2436d ago

What would they do with so much data on people ?

Speed-Racer2436d ago

I'm guessing you're not too familiar with marketing strategies and research.

fatstarr2435d ago

Yea Google is gonna have some serious things drawn against them for dipping their feet in multiple fields.

this is the wrong one though. At&T and Verizon are cutthroat almost as bad as the gasoline and beer industry.

fatstarr2435d ago

Depending on price it might just be a second line for me.

noxeven2436d ago

If i can get unlimited data and txt then i will switch

azazin2436d ago

Fake. Search it up guys, this has been debunked.

Baliw2436d ago

Why should we search when you can open our eyes?

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