Why is the iPhone Not Cool Anymore?

Bright Hub: Everyone is excited about the upcoming release of the latest iPhone right? Well, not everybody, and I'm not talking about Android fanboys. Seems that iPhones just aren't that cool anymore and although we might be excited to see the iPhone 5, the cool kids couldn't care less.

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Corepred42405d ago

lmao. why is it that supposedly android has long surpassed the iphone in everything. yet people still find the need to talk down and throw dirt on the iphone. guess iphone is still a juggernaut phone, thats why! lmao

DeFFeR2405d ago

No - it's because everyone BELIEVES the iphone is a good phone, when in reality, it's just another phone.

It's an apple product... so it's always running at 50% of what it COULD be running if it were open source.

gaffyh2405d ago

In certain ways, the iPhone actually sucks. I've got a 3G, and I personally think that it could EASILY have had a much better camera and much better features when it was released, especially for the price. It is also a very closed system, but that's expected tbh.

However, unlike any other smartphone, iPhone actually has decent software support, because Apple releases updates for all their phones for at least 3 years, so that is the main reason I'd recommend an iPhone to people.

Masta_fro2405d ago

Because my galaxy s2 rapes it...

Fel082405d ago

Right, that is why it is outselling pretty much everything out there. Just another "Why I hate Apple" article. NEXT

Corepred42404d ago

Completely agree. When I start seeing negative opinion pieces about any other phone except the iphone THEN i will start believing that iphone is no longer top.

artdafoo2405d ago

When 15 year Chinese girls start trading their virginity for a Droid, then well talk about how uncool the iPhone is.

Speed-Racer2405d ago

A guy traded in his kidney for an iPad 2. Just saying.

artdafoo2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Funny how every " Smart phone " coming out today looks and has the same features the 1st uncool iphone had. Lol, they're all uncool phone copy-cats. Apple didn't invent the smart phone but it did shape the current smart phone market to what it is today FACT. Last I checked there wasn't a guy in china smuggling suitcases filled with of HP touchpads. Haters gonna hate.

Captain Qwark 92403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

HA lol windows phone 7 looks nothing like the iphone....and its an amazing phone, highly underrated. doesnt have as many apps but doesnt need them as most of the features you use apps for on other phones are being built right into windows phones, esp with the mango update

norman292405d ago

"Why is the iPhone Not Cool Anymore?"

Because everyone and their dog has one, you cant go "look i've got an iPhone" because they whip one out an say "meh, me too"

Sarobi2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

iPhone was never cool. The people who worship Apple like a religion have always enforced this idea that it was "cool"

Corepred42404d ago

I don't worship apple. I have a pc. But I do love my iphone and think its very cool. so umm yeah...

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The story is too old to be commented.