2011 iPhone 5 release importance, Android temptation

iPhuture writes: Would you wait until 2012 for the iPhone 5 release? We wonder if a release date delay could see people jump ship to Android....

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theseeder2641d ago

iPhuture is right, Apple needs to release the iPhone 5 asap - so many people I know have already switched to Android despite owning the iPhone in the past - one friend had every-gen iPhone for 2G to iPhone 4 and now thinks that Apple is playing catch up rather than leading the way...

Speed-Racer2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Well of course iphuture is right, considering you all have multiple accounts.

TheOwnmaster2640d ago

Damn that one in the middle looks like it came straight outta Deus ex

outwar60102640d ago

im not buying another apple prododuct unless it loooks like an omni tool seriously £600 for the 32gig iphone was my worse ever purchase

TwistedMetal2639d ago

Wow you guys actually pay the high price for the iphones? Unless you can get the iphone on contract for cheap you dont buy one and thats that. You could get a full on laptop that can play most of pc games today for 600 of that currency lol. These portable devices are to small and you know a new one is coming so paying full retail price for one is prety silly especially since they are not that powerful.