Windows 8 vs iPad 2, The Ultimate Showdown Begins

MobileTopSoft Writes: "The folks at WinRumors got their snuffy little fingers on a Windows 8 tablet, and with that, they compared it to the Apple iPad 2 on video. From the video, you can clearly tell how much work Microsoft has put into Windows 8, it is officially the most unique operating system known to man. The Live Tiles feature from Windows Phone 7 made its way to Windows 8 with a higher level of customization and more features, we dig."

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ChrisW2705d ago

Wow... that video would've been easier to watch if the guy didn't ramble on so much.

Sahil2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The major difference is one has been available for a year and a half while the other will not be for another year :(

Strange_Evil2705d ago

Windows tablet OS does look better although I still prefer iOS over Win as an OS for phones. Windows tablets really use the space of the screen very well. The iOS just feels like a blown up version of the mobile version for the tablet (look at the tiny 'slide to unlock' and the black bands while searching in spotlight). I just hope it gets a decent Application support from the developers since that will drive most of the sales and public interest.

I just hope Apple, for it's next iOS iteration for the iPad, integrates Mac OS. The Tablet coming out next year will probably boast a Quad Core chip, powerful enough to run the Mac OS well and since the Mac OS is already supporting multi-touch via trackpad, the transition won't be that drastic. They could even skin the Mac OS like Windows did with it's tablet OS (and signs are pointing to that with Lion having LaunchPad which is nothing but iPad2 kind Apps displayed and full multi-touch support in Lion)...

In the end, it's a good thing as this will breed more competition and more competition=more innovation.

fatstarr2705d ago

See I had my doubts about win8 but after trying the dev beta I am ready. I kinda want a tablet with it on as an os.
cant wait. for now i will stick to playing with the beta.

beast242tru2705d ago

imo i believe the windows 8 will win out i love the tile from the windows phone 7 with a huge touchscreen it will be beautiful and fun to scroll around plus most likely more open to play with usb's etc i really wanted a ipad 2 but i think im gonna wait for the windows and listen out for reviews