5 features the iPhone 5 needs to succeed

iPhuture writes: With the iPhone 5 release seemingly just around the corner we thought we would look into some must have features that the next-gen iPhone needs to succeed in 2011 - check out this link, do you agree with out opinion?

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iphuture2648d ago

NFC and Adobe Flash should be added

toaster2648d ago

Nope. Apple has been successful without flash, so why need it now? Flash is horrible anyways.

LackTrue4K2648d ago

add a 5 to the word iphone

hazelamy2648d ago

a fully working aerial would be a good idea this time i think. ^_^

Sahil2648d ago

I think they need to be very careful this time with their antennas.

Captain Tuttle2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Sounds like it'll be similar to any number of Android devices

Edit: except for the iOS part, of course :)