P2P lawyer: IP address not enough, let me search all PCs in the house

A file-sharing lawyer admitted this week that IP addresses don’t by themselves identify someone accused of sharing copyrighted material online.

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TwistedMetal2654d ago

they need to stop trying to get people who download the stuff and get the people who are putting all this stuff on the internet to give to everyone. Do it like prohibition back in the day when you only got in trouble for selling alcohol.

fr0sty2654d ago

yeah, because we all know how much that worked...

fatstarr2654d ago

they need to just relax and let the world take its course.

people have slowed down on the piracy thanks to hulu + and netflix and other means. you saw the spike in piracy when fox pulled their bs and didn't let you watch their shows on line. piracy for that went through the roof.

they also should stop invading peoples privacy because what if i have a computer with pirated stuff from 6 years ago will i be held responsible for that even tho i haven't pirated in 2 years?

grifter0242654d ago

IF you read that article that Hollywood does behind the curtain you they wouldnt even have this big epidemic of piracy.

Most movies would have already been public domain so would have been free by now but they still want money on a 5/10/15/22 yr old movie.

Also I agree they should only go after the uploaders like they do with stream sites.

zag2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

The Fox thing would have been a load of BS.

It wasn't online and if it was it'd only have been the USA Fox website.

So what about all the over seas people who pirate the stuff anyway.

It was a brand new show or the start of one.

Public copyright last for quite a long time, but what your talking about isn't public copyright it's a paid copyright which is a lot more binding than a freebie public copyright.

What they really should be doing is forget about the whole waste of time of chasing down people for a cuple of grand.

and put up a website and get their stuff up for sale at a decent price or offer a lic that allows you 5 copies onto 5 devices.

They have started doing this with the blurays where you can get a free digital copy for X amount of devices.