Tanks May Get a New Infra-red Invisibility Cloak

Gadgehit writes: "BAE Systems, a British multinational defence, security and aerospace company, has been testing a new cloaking system that makes a tank look like a car in an infra-red scan. The patented technology, known as “Adaptiv,” uses hexagonal ‘pixels’ made from a thermo-electric material to fool infra-red cameras and scopes."

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SITH2424d ago

Well the mark IV eyeball can still see the tank. Overcome that then I will be impressed.

SITH2424d ago

Did you even read that!? It is from 2007 and hasn't even been developed. There is no invisibility cloak that works. Theorically possible yes, but it won't be with cameras and mirrors, it will be with meta materials. Not impressed, try again.

RegorL2424d ago

Alternative link - autotranslated to English

zerocrossing2424d ago

Give them legs, then I'll be impressed.

norman292424d ago

They need a Null Field, like the one from the current series of Torchwood