PlayStation Certified Tablets S and P Detailed, Dated

GR - "Sony has revealed additional details on their PlayStation certified tablets, including the release window for the device."

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gaffyh2329d ago

Too expensive, especially when you can get an iPad for the same price or less. The only thing these have got going for them is the fact that they are PlayStation-certified, and I don't think that's going to count for much when you look at Xperia Play sales.

Shackdaddy8362329d ago

I really don't like the shape of them either. One has a Nintendo DS-type layout which is annoying when you consider it's a tablet. Then the other has that curve that they say is supposed to feel like a folded magazine. Well I personally hate that feeling and I usually have to squish down the folded part because it annoys me so much...

raiden-492327d ago

but the ds layout could run nds roms if made.

Shackdaddy8362327d ago

@raiden I guess but that's not really what I would want to do when I buy a touchpad

Crazay2328d ago

Well said gaffy. I liked the idea of the Xperia but had no faith in the product to actually survive and work. Having said that, these are certainly...uhmmm...interestin g to look at? Especially that fancy one that closes...Riiiight actually that one looks to me like the worst design for a tablet yet. YAY! Now I too can watch a movie with a big black line going right through the center of the image.

TheEatingVodka2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

LOL how dare you compare Android to iPad? I am willing to pay more to get a better OS in every aspect.

Bull5hifT2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Oled screen are foldable and bend and twist and keep an amazing image.... I see the future with a foldable single screen tablet, until then i will never Don A Man Purse just to have a big Screen thing that doesnt do too much more than my iphone ...... I Picture a nice Tablet that rolls up like a scroll and fits in your pocket, or like a a tube on the side of your phone that you can pull out the monitor and it clicks into a stable form

zero_cool2327d ago

That other one in the picture looks like a psp sized nintendo ds without buttons or a d-pad lol!

Captain Tuttle2327d ago

These will fail unfortunately