What version number will Android Ice Cream Sandwich have?

Since Google announced the next major Android OS implementation, worldwide known as the Ice Cream Sandwich, there was a constant debate on the version number. Some sources opted for 4.0, some for 2.4, but what stands behind their pick? Inside Google statements, leaked sources or just simple copies of others rumbles? We will talk today about all of them and explain our view on the matter, while referring Google’s own words and major tech giants.

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Speed-Racer2095d ago

Wow all that just to argue a version number? Like there aren't better things to talk about.

Speed-Racer2095d ago

Seriously, there is much cooler stuff about Ice Cream to argue about than a version number.

gaffyh2095d ago

I honestly don't care about the number, they need to give us some decent feature upgrades. With that said, it's probably going to be 3.4 or something.

Zanarkand2095d ago

Hahahaha...... that made me hungry.

PirosThe4th2095d ago


Next one should be Choc-chip cookie AWWWW YEAH!

codyodiodi2095d ago

Why does the version number matter? It's just a number..

Speed-Racer2095d ago

I thought I was the only crazy guy here.

KillerPwned2095d ago

O man Ice Cream Sandwhich I could really go for one now. That be pretty cool if a Android sandwhich was made.

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