The evolution of the iPhone

The evolution of the iPhone... Many has changed with the release of our first precious iPhone in 2007. In this infographic made by IntoMobile you can see the iPhone evolve.

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iamnsuperman2667d ago

So it is predicted that the Iphone 5 will be a small upgrade. I am more inclined that the rumour of the cheaper Iphone 4 is more likely.

gaffyh2667d ago

Seems like it a good upgrade if it gets those specs actually, I just hope they don't go back to the 3G/S design.

zerocrossing2667d ago

Couldn't apple just make an iphone that can be electronically upgraded every now and then, and have a new model come out every 5 years, instead of making a new slightly updated version once every year?. Talk about screwing over the consumer.