Era of the PC 'coming to a close'

BBC - PCs are going the way of typewriters, vinyl records and vacuum tubes, one of the engineers who worked on the original machine has said.

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atticus142679d ago

you can say this about anything, but its definitely just another exaggerated headline. Sure big and bulking PCs are somewhat on their way out, but what are we replacing them with? More PCs just prettier and thinner.

Laptops are PCs, tablets are growing to become more PC like, Smartphones became less like phones and more like PCs. So argue what you want but all these electronics are just converging to be more like a PC in the end.

Its like saying MP3 players are dying...they are, but only because my phone is now my mp3 player...

webaddict2678d ago

I think this is definitely an exaggerated headline as atticus says. Not going to support this view but it was interesting to read.

Kurylo3d2678d ago

i dont think pcs are going anywhere... parts may be getting smaller, but that just means that more can fit on the current size to make it way more powerful.