Listen up, HD TV audio still lacks oomph

Which? Convo: Flat panel HD TVs might have conquered the living room, but despite their glorious picture quality, their audio can’t match CRT TVs. Isn’t it about time manufacturers got their game together and gave us good quality sound?

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snoop_dizzle2261d ago

I think I might have used my most recent HDTV's audio maybe once or twice (had it for about a year and a half). I just run everything through my receiver and use that for audio.

techie2261d ago

Yeah, it's the only way. Think mines getting worse over time as well. Still... I don't have seperate speakers, don't think I should have to put up with cr*p tinny audio

techie2260d ago

The speakers on my TV are rubbish. They even seem to point backwards. It's a sexy looking telly but what's the point of form without function?

Baka-akaB2260d ago

I dont think i even bother anymore running any tv , be it crt or hdtv without a set of speakers