How to Read Deleted comments on Facebook

A simple trick which will allow you to view the deleted comments in Facebook.

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fatstarr2089d ago

wait till someone who isnt computer savvy finds this and uses it to read all the sht being talked about them on facebook.

lemme just post this on my wall hopefully some one reads it and follows through :] starting the fire up.

ForTheFallen2088d ago

Nothing is deleted from Facebook. Ever.

theonlylolking2087d ago

The governments use facebook. I just know it.

maverick11912088d ago

nice trick but not very useful

Speed-Racer2088d ago

I guess this works well in those odd circumstances where you have a fight or something and someone withdraws a statement.

Peaceful_Jelly2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

this is old, the default already has the email notification. Well, at least mine already had it... =/

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