Smartphone wars: Android vs. iOS usage in the U.S.

Mobile advertising network, Jumptap, has gathered enough data to report on which U.S. states are dominated by either Google's or Apple's operating systems.

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fatstarr2681d ago

lol new yorkers are silly, i was expecting to see apple dominance here because all i see are apple hipsters all over. but to think black berry is dominat here lol it must be by a small margin but ive been telling all my friends upgrade to android from black berry but some fools went to the iphone 4 smh....

snoop_dizzle2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Being that New York (especially NYC) contains big business, they are going to have a very high percentage of BB users, and this is likely what helps makes Blackberry the most used in NY. While some businesses are moving away from Blackberry, the main reason that they have stayed legitimate is business users.

Although, that might be changing over time. At the same time, whenever I've been in NYC in the past few years, I mostly have seen iPhones, but the 2nd most phone would be BlackBerry. But I assume, if I were closer to Wall Street or another business district, I would see more Blackberry users.