5 ways technology is actually getting worse

Technology is leaping forward in exponentially massive bounds — if you feel like you're scrambling to keep up, you've got plenty of company. There's not a gadget on the market that doesn't aim to make our lives easier, but now we're tangled up in a strange new world. It's a complex web of tweets and roaming charges in which we we hunt for open power outlets with the urgency of our ancestors foraging for their next meal.

We live in an interconnected time with more cutting edge tech at our fingertips than ever. But is it a true golden era or just a digital gilded age?

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Dramscus2682d ago

Yahoo technophobes?

The isp selling bandwidth in chuncks is total bs though.

Their trying to do that in canada here but it's gone to court.
They really shouldn't be able to. Too many business' have come up to supply video and games online. PSN and XBL release four 5-15 gb games each month, not to mention steam and upcoming Onlive. Then there's netflix and hulu services that people pay for legitimately providing creators of movies with payment rather than stealing stuff.
Television service providers are starting to release shows onto their own websites, and publishers are releasing movies directly onto many services when it's go to dvd and bluray time.

If all of these people start seeing that the internet providers are eating their pie their going to come in heavy. Everythings moving to an online model and contrary to what the ISP's tell everyone data is getting cheaper to transmit every day.
The big costs are in maintaining under sea fiber optic cables and such. Though as wireless technology progress' this will become less and less, while hopefully consuming the same or less energy.