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Are The Technology Patent Wars Threatening To Stomp Out Innovation Across The Entire Industry?

"Now it’s personal. The ever escalating patent war between Apple and Google is not just entertaining to watch, it’s actually driving up the cost of intellectual property across the industry. At this point, the stakes have become so high that companies are stockpiling patents to protect themselves from what appears like the unavoidable patent infringement claims that will be thrown their way. Currently, Apple is suing Google over patent infringement as it relates to Google’s Android operating system and it’s getting nasty. Things are to the point now, that companies like Apple and Google are collecting patent stockpiles for almost everything they can in an attempt to be able to countersue anyone that is bold enough to come after them. As a business strategy I understand this, but it’s creating an inflated market that I don’t think is good for the industry overall."

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Captain Tuttle2693d ago

Nah, it encourages entrepreneurs to innovate and try new things. Patent and idea and sell it to one of the big guys. Profit!

KingPin2692d ago

thats just it. they patent the idea, sit on it till someone uses something 90% similar and then sues them!! MEGA PROFIT!!

i think with tech patents there should be a time-line on it. with an expiration date. Fail to produce a successful product with said patent in X amount of time and you lose the patent.

that way if u have the idea, u can either sell it ASAP so people can produce innovative products, or you can create one yourself <actually do the hard work not leech off others>

you look at it now, i can patent an idea for a holographic media player and sit on it till someone like IBM/SONY?MICROSOFT create it, wait till they show profits in the billions and just sue them. EASY MONEY!!

blacktiger2692d ago

but how can you try new things, if new inovation sometimes becomes almost similar but does it differently,

Look at HTC and Samsung against APPLE!