Five Eight-Slot Cases For CrossFire And SLI

Tom's Hardware: Meet five enclosures able to take up to eight expansion cards. Who needs that much space? How about anyone with an ATX motherboard featuring a PCIe x16 slot in the seventh-slot position and three or more dual-slot graphics cards? These cases also incorporate design elements sure to attract more mainstream gamers, too.

Today we introduce the design elements of all five cases. We'll follow-up next week with a system installation and performance-oriented write-up.

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fatstarr2696d ago

these cases are cool, articles like this remind me why i love micro center, the store has cases on display for days i really dont like the front on any of these though...

toaster2695d ago

I agree, all of these are overly flashy for my taste. I'd take a 650D over these any day.

hiredhelp2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Its defo down to personal taste. My first choice was the obsidian 800D but i was going to go for air cooling and heard there not too great in that area.
So now i have a HAF X (high air flow) It truely is spacious. well designed great cable management 3. 200mm fans 1x 120mm fan
1x 230mm fan. and does work dream. but i went for cool-it vantage liquid cooling instead of air in the end. look wise i prefer cooler master cosmos or obsidian that style.
But this had everything else i needed. its growing on me each day.
my i7 2600k is idle at 33'c and full load no more than 40'c
with gtx 560 sli. so the case does well.