Was The iPhone 5 Revealed In A Target Ad?

There is a Target ad that has been circulating that may reveal what the iPhone 5 will look like.

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Madusha2070d ago

Really hope that's it. Looks great.

iamnsuperman2069d ago

I have a suspicion it is not and more of a legal thing. They do not want to advertise the phone but the app and so made the phone look similar but its not

kellykarnetsky2069d ago

This is what I'm thinking. They use generic phones to represent all smart phones but they chose one that looks way to close to an iPhone.

There is no what they would move the side buttons to the right also...

fatstarr2069d ago

Cult activated lol apple is sending out the signs.

but it looks like the next 1 the 4 and iphone 1 put together.

Haywood5652069d ago

I'll wait for the tenth one.

ZILLA2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

im soooo glad i got my htc EVO,this phone is a is all hype,its not the best.just bandwagon jumpers buying them.

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